Division I Baseball Committee

Legislation:  Ten members, including six FBS representatives, and four Division I or FCS representatives. One member from each of the eight baseball regions (East, Northeast, Atlantic, South, Central, Mideast, Midwest, West) and two selected at large. Quota of 50 percent administrators: 5.

Liaisons:  Randy L. Buhr, Ty Halpin, Chad Tolliver
Chair:  David Heeke (Sep 2014 - Aug 2015)

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionRegionTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  FBS       AD   Daniel G. Guerrero
  University of California, Los Angeles
  Pac-12 Conference SEP 2015*
  FBS   MIDEAST REGION   AD   David Heeke
  Central Michigan University
  Mid-American Conference AUG 2015
  FBS   SOUTH REGION   AD   Eric C. Hyman
  Texas A&M University, College Station
  Southeastern Conference AUG 2015
  FBS   SOUTH REGION   AD   Joel W. Erdmann
  University of South Alabama
  Sun Belt Conference AUG 2016
  FBS       AD   Patrick Chun
  Florida Atlantic University
  Conference USA SEP 2016
  FBS       Assoc. AD/Administration   Mike Buddie
  Wake Forest University
  Atlantic Coast Conference SEP 2018
  FCS   EAST REGION   Senior Associate Commissioner   Robert Lawson Goodman
  Colonial Athletic Association
  Colonial Athletic Association AUG 2016
  DI   MIDWEST REGION   AD   Ron D. Prettyman
  Indiana State University
  Missouri Valley Conference AUG 2017
  DI       AD   Scott Sidwell
  University of San Francisco
  West Coast Conference SEP 2018
  DI   NORTHEAST REGION   Associate Director of Athletics   Ed Scott
  Binghamton University
  America East Conference AUG 2016