Division I Men's Basketball Committee

Legislation:  Ten members, including six FBS representatives, and four Division I or FCS representatives. One member from each of the four basketball regions (East, South, Midwest, West) and six selected at large. No more than three committee members shall represent any single region. Quota of 50 percent administrators: 5. Five-year terms.

Liaisons:  Dan Gavitt, Ron English, Will Hopkins, Tammy Lee, Elisa Halpin, Brad Taylor, L.J. Wright, William Hanner
Chair:  Joseph R. Castiglione (Sep 2015 - Sep 2016), Scott Barnes (Sep 2014 - Sep 2015)

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionRegionTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  DI   EAST REGION   AD, Director of Athletics   Bruce D. Rasmussen
  Creighton University
  Big East Conference SEP 2018
  FBS   WEST REGION   AD   Bernard Muir
  Stanford University
  Pac-12 Conference SEP 2019
  FBS   SOUTH REGION   AD   Joe Alleva
  Louisiana State University
  Southeastern Conference SEP 2016
  FBS   SOUTH REGION   AD   Joseph R. Castiglione
  University of Oklahoma
  Big 12 Conference SEP 2016
  FBS   MIDWEST REGION   AD   Mark Hollis
  Michigan State University
  Big Ten Conference SEP 2017
  FBS   WEST REGION   AD   Scott Barnes
  Utah State University
  Mountain West Conference SEP 2015
  FBS   WEST REGION   AD   Tom Holmoe
  Brigham Young University
  West Coast Conference SEP 2016*
  FBS   MIDWEST REGION   Executive Associate Commissioner   Judy MacLeod
  Conference USA
  Conference USA SEP 2015
  FCS   EAST REGION   AD   Peter Roby
  Northeastern University
  Colonial Athletic Association SEP 2017
  DI   SOUTH REGION   AD, Sr. Admin. for University Enterprises   Janet R. Cone
  University of North Carolina Asheville
  Big South Conference SEP 2019