Division III Men's Tennis Committee

Legislation:  Four members. One member from each Division III tennis region (Northeast, Atlantic South, Central, West). Quota of 25 percent administrators: 1.

Liaisons:  Ethan Walker

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionRegionTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  III       Commissioner   Tracy King
  Liberty League
  Liberty League SEP 2017
  III   WEST REGION   Head Coach   Christopher N. Bizot
  The University of Texas at Tyler
  American Southwest Conference SEP 2015
  III       Head Men & Women's Tennis Coach   Adam Strand
  Luther College
  Iowa Intercol. Athletic Conf. SEP 2018
  III       Head Men's & Women's tennis Coach   Peter D. Howell
  Oglethorpe University
  Southern Athletic Association SEP 2016