Division III Nominating Committee

Legislation:  Eight members, including at least one former NCAA officer or former member of the NCAA Council or Management Council, one current member of the Management Council, and one president or chancellor. A maximum of five members may be at large. The committee shall include at least three men, at least three women, and at least one member of an ethnic minority. At least one member shall be appointed from each of the four geographical regions per Constitution

Liaisons:  Sharon K. Tufano
Chair:  Kiki Jacobs (Jan 2015 - Jan 2016)
Vice-Chair:  Angela Baumann (Apr 2015 - Jan 2017)

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionCommittee PositionsTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  III   Member   AD, Athletics Director   Richard L. Strockbine
  University of Dallas
  Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference JAN 2019
  III   Member   Assistant Athletic Director   Malcolm Huggins
  State University of New York at Oswego
  State University of New York Athletic Conference JAN 2018
  III   Member   Assistant Vice President & Exec Director   Sharon R. Beverly
  The College of New Jersey
  New Jersey Athletic Conference JAN 2019
  III   Vice-Chair   Commissioner   Angela Baumann
  Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference
  Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference JAN 2017
  III   Management Council Rep.   Commissioner   Terence Small
  New Jersey Athletic Conference
  New Jersey Athletic Conference JAN 2017
  III   Member   FAR   Brian Roberts
  Principia College
  St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference JAN 2018
  III   Member   President   Scott D. Miller
  Virginia Wesleyan College
  Old Dominion Athletic Conf. JAN 2016
  III   Chair   SWA, Associate Director of Athletics   Kiki Jacobs
  Springfield College
  New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference JAN 2016