Board of Governors

Legislation:  The Board of Governors shall consist of 20 members. The NCAA president and the chairs of the Division I Council and the Division II and Division III Management Councils shall be ex officio nonvoting members, except that the NCAA president is permitted to vote in the case of a tie among the voting members present and voting. The other 16 voting members shall include: (a) eight chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Football Bowl Subdivision institutions; (b) Two chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Football Championship Subdivision institutions; (c) two chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Division I subdivision institutions; (d) two Division II chancellors or presidents from the Division II Presidents Council; and (e) two Division III chancellors or presidents from the Division III Presidents Council.

Liaisons:  Donald Remy, Terri Carmichael Jackson
Chair:  Kirk Schulz (Jan 2015 - May 2016)
Vice-Chair:  L. Jay Lemons (Jan 2015 - Jan 2019)

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionCommittee PositionsTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
      Ex officio Member   NCAA President   Mark Emmert
  FBS   Ex officio Member   AD   James Phillips
  Northwestern University
  Big Ten Conference JUN 2017
  FBS   Member   Chancellor   Gene D. Block
  University of California, Los Angeles
  Pac-12 Conference AUG 2016
  FBS   Member   President   David Leebron
  Rice University
  Conference USA AUG 2016
  FBS   Member   President   E. Joseph Savoie
  University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  Sun Belt Conference AUG 2017
  FBS   Member, Member   President   Harris Pastides
  University of South Carolina, Columbia
  Southeastern Conference AUG 2016
  FBS   Member   President   John C. Hitt
  University of Central Florida
  American Athletic Conference AUG 2017
  FBS   Chair   President   Kirk Schulz
  Kansas State University
  Big 12 Conference MAY 2016
  FBS   Member   President   Roderick McDavis
  Ohio University
  Mid-American Conference AUG 2017
  FBS   Member   President   Stan L. Albrecht
  Utah State University
  Mountain West Conference AUG 2017
  FCS   Member   President   Baker Pattillo
  Stephen F. Austin State University
  Southland Conference AUG 2019
  FCS   Member   President   Robert Caslen
  U.S. Military Academy
  Patriot League AUG 2019
  DI   Member   President   Daniel Papp
  Kennesaw State University
  Atlantic Sun Conference AUG 2017
  DI   Member   President   Dianne F. Harrison
  California State University, Northridge
  Big West Conference AUG 2018
  II   Ex officio Member   Commissioner   Jacqie McWilliams
  Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association
  Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association JAN 2017
  II   Member   President   Glen Jones
  Henderson State University
  Great American Conference AUG 2016*
  II   Member   President   Steve Scott
  Pittsburg State University
  Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association JAN 2017
  III   Ex officio Member   AD   Tracey Ranieri
  State University of New York at New Paltz
  State University of New York Athletic Conference JAN 2017
  III   Member   President   Alan S. Cureton
  University of Northwestern-St. Paul
  Upper Midwest Athletic Conference JAN 2017
  III   Vice-Chair   President   L. Jay Lemons
  Susquehanna University
  Landmark Conference JAN 2019