Football Rules Committee

Legislation:  Thirteen members on Association-wide committee. Six Division I; three Division II (2 coaches); three Division III. An additional member shall be a nonvoting secretary-rules editor who may serve two four-year terms. Quota of 25 percent administrators: 3. Quota of 50 percent coaches: 7. Two from each geographical region: Region 1: Districts 1 and 2 Region 2: District 3 Region 3: Districts 4 and 5 Region 4: Districts 6, 7 and 8Policy: Each division will adhere to the 50 percent coaches independently.

Liaisons:  Ty Halpin
Chair:  Larry Fedora (Sep 2017 - Aug 2019)

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  FBS   Associate Commissioner   Edward T. Stewart
  Big 12 Conference
  Big 12 Conference AUG 2018
  FBS   Deputy AD   Mark Alnutt
  University of Memphis
  American Athletic Conference AUG 2018
  FBS   Head Football Coach   Joey Jones
  University of South Alabama
  Sun Belt Conference AUG 2021
  FBS   Head Football Coach   Larry Fedora
  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  Atlantic Coast Conference AUG 2019
  FCS   Head Football Coach   Peter Rossomando
  Central Connecticut State University
  Northeast Conference AUG 2020
  FCS   Head Football Coach   Robert Nielson
  University of South Dakota
  Missouri Valley Football Conference AUG 2017
  II   AD   David R. Sharp
  Ouachita Baptist University
  Great American Conference AUG 2018
  II   Head Football Coach   Monte Cater
  Shepherd University
  Mountain East Conference AUG 2019
  II   Head Football Coach   Paul Winters
  Wayne State University (Michigan)
  Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference AUG 2018
  III   Assistant Director of Athletics   Dave Eavenson
  Methodist University
  USA South Athletic Conference AUG 2020
  III   Head Athletic Trainer   John Chandler
  Coe College
  Iowa Intercol. Athletic Conf. AUG 2018
  III   Head Football Coach   Keith Emery
  Western New England University
  Commonwealth Coast Conference AUG 2020