Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports

Legislation:  Twenty-two members, including six positions allocated for men, six allocated for women (10 unallocated). In Division I all subdivisions must be represented. - 2 AD or SWA (1 M/ 1F); - 3 medicine (at least 1 F, 1 primary-care physician who is board certified in family practice, internal medicine or emergency medicine, and shall have a current Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine; 1 board-certified orthopedic surgeon ; 1 physician from the general public). - 1 Football Rules Committee; - 1 active coach; - 2 athletic trainers (1 M and 1 F; one must be responsible for total athletic training program); - 1 secondary school representative (National High School Federation); -1 drug testing expert; - 3 S/As (1 from each division (SAAC); - 1 licensed clinical/counseling sports psychologist; - 1 registered dietitian who specializes in sports nutrition; - 1 strength and conditioning specialist certified by an accredited strength and conditioning certification body; - 1 law (active lawyer practicing in sports law or a related field, or a faculty member in sports law or a related field; - 1 sport-science research; - 1 expertise in drug education - 1 Division II MC representative; - 1 Division III MC representative.

Liaisons:  John Parsons, Mary E. Wilfert

*Eligible for reappointment
DivisionCommittee PositionsTitleName & InstitutionConferenceTerm
  FBS   Member   Head Team Physician   Roger Kruse
  University of Toledo
  Mid-American Conference AUG 2017
  FBS   Member   Team Orthopaedic Surgeon   Larry S. Bowman
  Clemson University
  Atlantic Coast Conference AUG 2017
  FBS   Member   Team Physician   Kimberly Patterson Walpert
  University of Georgia
  Southeastern Conference AUG 2018
  FCS   Member   FAR, Alumni Distinguished Professor   Lynn Snyder-Mackler
  University of Delaware
  Colonial Athletic Association AUG 2016
  FCS   Student-Athlete Rep.   Student-Athlete   Abbey A. Miklitsch
  University of Rhode Island
  Atlantic 10 Conference JUN 2017
  DI   Member   FAR   Gregory H. Frazer, Ph.D.
  Duquesne University
  Atlantic 10 Conference AUG 2016
  DI   Member   Team Physician   Douglas Jan Ramos
  Creighton University
  Big East Conference AUG 2018
  II   Management Council Rep.   FAR   James T. Crawley
  Dominican College (New York)
  Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference JAN 2017
  II   Member   AD, Director of Athletics   Forrest Karr
  Northern Michigan University
  Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference AUG 2017
  II   Member   Assistant AD for Athletic Performance   Joseph Hannant
  University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  Peach Belt Conference AUG 2019
  II   Member   Head Athletic Trainer   Robert Casmus
  Catawba College
  South Atlantic Conference AUG 2018
  III   Management Council Rep.   AD   Lori Runksmeier
  Eastern Connecticut State University
  Little East Conference JAN 2016
  III   Member   AD, Director of Athletics   Maureen (Mo) White
  U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
  Landmark Conference AUG 2019
  III   Member   SWA, Head Softball Coach/Compliance Dir.   Amy Schafer
  Thiel College
  Presidents' Athletic Conference AUG 2018
  III   Student-Athlete Rep.       Dominec F. Fraboni
  Concordia College, Moorhead
  Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference JAN 2016