Q: How do I send the "NCAA Summary of Game Statistics" to the NCAA over the internet when the game ends (without printing and faxing)?

A: This feature is available in Version 4.3 and higher of TAS For Football.
Follow these steps:
1) Using the Windows Game Reports, select REPORT | XML Output. You will be prompted to enter the NCAA code for each team, or you can select "lookup team codes". If the lookup does not display a code for a team, you must enter that now. Click OK. The XML will be generated, and a "data check" report will pop up if there are any discrepancies in the XML file, such as attendance missing or NCAA codes not filled in for the teams. Correct all discrepancies and then re-run the report.
2) Once the data displays on the screen with no discrepancies, you can send it to the NCAA. Note the location of the XML file which is displayed in the top title bar of the report (the file is always created in the \reports subdirectory of your current games directory). This is the location where you will find the file. If the file must be copied to another location prior to sending to the NCAA, follow these steps -- from the window that displays the report, select Copy | Copy to file; select the appropriate drive and folder where you wish to copy the file to; type in a name for the game file, such as "1234.XML" (refer to the NCAA web site for exact naming instructions); and click on OK to save the file.
3) Now exit the TAS software, and go to the NCAA's web site and upload the XML file per the NCAA instructions.

Sending Division I-A/I-AA Football Game Summary to the NCAA


Contact Stat Crew for instructions on how to create this file.  After saving the game summary output file from the Stat Crew software package (version 4.3 or newer), please follow the steps below to transfer the file to the NCAA:


1) Using your internet browser, type in the URL:  You should see something similar to this:

To access statistics, please use the Sports Information and Marketing custom home page.



2) Then click on the Statistics link located in the Helpful Links section


3) Click on the Statistics button in the upper-lefthand corner of the screen.  The next screen should be:


You also may view these instructions on line at:


4) Click on Divisions I-A and I-AA:                                          5) And then click on Download/Email Statistics:


5) Click on Upload Game Summaries



7) If you have typed the password incorrectly, you will see this screen


8) Once you have entered the correct password, you will see this screen.  Either type the name of the game summary file from your statistics software package or use the Browse button to locate the file on your computer.  When complete, press the submit button.  When saving the file in your statistics software, please use your NCAA organization number in the file name (example 327.xml).  This will help in identifying the files as they are received by the NCAA.


9) If the file you select is not in the correct format, you will see this message:


10) Once the file has been successfully transferred, you will see this message:

Please check that the teams, the game date, and the game score displayed in red letters are correct for the file being sent.  If the file is not correct, please re-send the correct file.