Game Summary - Texas St. vs. New Mexico St. Game Date: 12/01/12 Report Date: 01/08/13

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Score by Quarters
New Mexico St.2170028
Texas St.143531466
 Attendance: 15108

 Game Length: 3:05

Texas St.

Time of Posession: 25:44
First Downs: Rush: 17 Pass: 5 Penalty: 1 Total: 23
Penalties: Number: 10 Yards: 90
Fumbles: Number: 1 Lost: 0
Third Downs: Attempted: 10 Converted: 5
Fourth Downs: Attempted: 2 Converted: 1

New Mexico St.

Time of Posession: 34:16
First Downs: Rush: 8 Pass: 12 Penalty: 1 Total: 21
Penalties: Number: 5 Yards: 45
Fumbles: Number: 3 Lost: 3
Third Downs: Attempted: 12 Converted: 5
Fourth Downs: Attempted: 3 Converted: 1


8A Delancellotti110130 209.2
12Tyler Arndt10000 0
17Shaun Rutherford1780691 100.6
8Andrew Manley291612482 142.9


3ADexter Imade1101011
3B Lowe11501511515
6Isaiah Battle1101011
8A Delancellotti223023011.516
11 Hawkins349049116.318
12Tyler Arndt11601601616
17Shaun Rutherford17142413808.136
20Terrence Franks53903917.821
28Marcus Curry786086112.331
37Tim Gay27807813975
1ATravaughn Colwell337037012.326
2CTiger Powell104133803.813
8Andrew Manley91348-351-3.96
15Trevor Walls1808088
25Germi Morrison19129612316.551


1Ben Ijah17077
6Isaiah Battle13033
11 Hawkins11301313
19Chase Harper21306.59
20Terrence Franks12202222
80Jafus Gaines21306.59
81Brandon Smith11111111
4AAustin Franklin591018.240
13Kemonte Bateman485121.330
15Trevor Walls11511515
17Jerrel Brown454013.524
25Germi Morrison2301.54


49 Robinson28341.500
7Cayle Chapman-Brown1484800
42Jake Capraro2763810


6Isaiah Battle5630   
25Craig Mager   1791
3Cameron Fuller   100
4AAustin Franklin71710   
13Kemonte Bateman   130


#PlayerTDOff KicksOff R/PDef KicksDef R/PField
3B Lowe1           6
5Jamie Clavell-Head1           6
11 Hawkins1           6
20Terrence Franks1           6
25Craig Mager1           6
28Marcus Curry1           6
37Tim Gay1           6
38Will Johnson 9900    11 12
81Brandon Smith1           6
91Blake McColloch1           6
 Totals99900    11 66
#PlayerTDOff KicksOff R/PDef KicksDef R/PField
8Andrew Manley1           6
13Kemonte Bateman1           6
15Trevor Walls1           6
25Germi Morrison1           6
46Maxwell Johnson 4400    10 4
 Totals44400    10 28


2Darryl Morris41
5Jamie Clavell-Head10
6Isaiah Battle10
8Justin Iwuji22
15Jason McLean51
16Tyler Chase01
18Xavier Daniels33
19Chase Harper11
25Craig Mager20
26Phillip Benning10
27Colby Targun10
29 Wells20
31Joplo Bartu125
34Brian Lilly12
35 Robertson11
36 Murray10
37Tim Gay10
40 Jeter-Gilmon10
45Damion McMiller05
51Drew Hamilton01
64Sam Mayes01
91Blake McColloch22
94 Hood01
95Jonathan Ward21
97Jordan Norfleet02
99 Evans10
1Jeremy Harris10
2Trashaun Nixon62
3Cameron Fuller10
5George Callender51
9Alexander LaVoy11
12Bryan Bonilla21
24Josh Smith10
31Davis Cazares60
36B.J. Adolpho30
52Donte Savage62
56Kevin Laudermill30
87Desmond Anaya21
92Walton Taumoepeau10


 Tackles for LossSacks
8Justin Iwuji012   
15Jason McLean105   
19Chase Harper10101010
31Joplo Bartu72344028
64Sam Mayes011   
91Blake McColloch116106
94 Hood011   
 Totals10659  44
 Tackles for LossSacks
2Trashaun Nixon102102
87Desmond Anaya101   
92Walton Taumoepeau101101
 Totals304  3


15Jason McLean   1
18Xavier Daniels   1
25Craig Mager100 
26Phillip Benning   1
91Blake McColloch   1
3Cameron Fuller   1
9Alexander LaVoy   1
 Totals   2


 Fumble ReturnsForced
5Jamie Clavell-Head1321 
31Joplo Bartu   1
91Blake McColloch1611
 Fumble ReturnsForced


2Darryl Morris (FC)
5Jamie Clavell-Head (RE)
6Isaiah Battle (Z)
8Justin Iwuji (WK)
15Jason McLean (S)
17Shaun Rutherford (QB)
18Xavier Daniels (FS)
25Craig Mager (BC)
28Marcus Curry (RB)
31Joplo Bartu (MIKE)
34Brian Lilly (SAM)
50Collin Fissell (C)
53Devin Baker (ST)
58Zach Crawford (SG)
72Charlie Tuttle (QG)
80Jafus Gaines (WR)
81Brandon Smith (WR)
85Bradley Miller (TE)
91Blake McColloch (NT)
94 Hood (DT)
97Jordan Norfleet (LE)
1Jeremy Harris (LC)
2Trashaun Nixon (WILL)
3Cameron Fuller (RC)
4AAustin Franklin (Z)
5George Callender (FS)
8Andrew Manley (QB)
9Alexander LaVoy (RUSH)
12Bryan Bonilla (SAM)
13Kemonte Bateman (X)
15Trevor Walls (TE)
25Germi Morrison (RB)
31Davis Cazares (SS)
36B.J. Adolpho (MIKE)
55Valerian Ume-Ezeoke (C)
56Kevin Laudermill (NT)
66Dada Richards (RT)
70Andy Cunningham (LG)
74Davonte Wallace (LT)
78Andrew Kersten (RG)
80Perris Scoggins (H)
87Desmond Anaya (DE)
92Walton Taumoepeau (DT)


3Cody Matthews
9Deche Milburn
22 Mims
23Tymajrick Jackson
24Zach Velliquette
39Chad Moncure
41Prestin Brown
44 Robinson
50Collin Fissell
53Devin Baker
54Jackson Costello
58Zach Crawford
60Joey Simone
65Adrian Bellard
66Matt Freeman
72Charlie Tuttle
75Mike Yoder
85Bradley Miller
86Ed Amerson
98Kamu Taulelei
2BBrandon Betancourt
4Darien Johnson
5AJoseph Matthews
9ADarrius Preston
10Marcus Williams
11 Carroll
20Samuel Oyenuga
21Anthony Edwards
22David Quiroga
41Brock Baca
44Mike Kaiser
47Chance Roberts
55Valerian Ume-Ezeoke
62Isiah Folasa-Lutui
66Dada Richards
68Anthony Joyner
70Andy Cunningham
74Davonte Wallace
77Houston Clemente
78Andrew Kersten
80Perris Scoggins
89Andrew Dean
91Kalvin Cruz
97Mark Brown