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2005 Men's Division I Outdoor Track And Field

Championship Finals

4x100 Meter Relay - 2005-06-10
At (Hornet Stadium) Sacramento, CA

School Score Points Wind
Michael Grant
Wallace Spearmon
Tyson Gay
Omar Brown
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 38.49 10
Richard Adu-Bobie
Mike Morrison
Kyle Farmer
Kerron Clement
University of Florida 38.54 8
Jeremy Burton
Jonathan Wade
Aries Merritt
Rubin Williams
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 38.83 6
Richard Thompson
Xavier Carter
Kelly Willie
Bennie Brazell
Louisiana State University 38.86 5
Garry Jones
Wes Felix
Phillip Frances
Jeff Garrison
University of Southern California 39.17 4
Richard DelRincon
Matt Scherer
Kedar Inico
Jordan Kent
University of Oregon 39.20 3
Derrick Baker
Kenny O'Neal
Rhoan Sterling
Walter Dix
Florida State University 39.33 2
Steven Koehnemann
Domenik Peterson
Seth Amoo
Lewis Banda
Arizona State University DQ

Arizona State DQ under Rule 5-9C

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