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1986 Men's Division I Outdoor Track And Field


Shot Put - 1986-06-06
At (I.U.P.U.I. Track Stadium) Indianapolis, Indiana

School Score Points Wind
Lars Nilsen Southern Methodist University 21.22 10
Mike Spiritoso Clemson University 20.83 8
Ronald Backes University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 20.64 6
Dimitrios Koutsoukis Washington State University 20.59 5
Garry Franks Mississippi State University 20.15 4
Jim Banich University of California, Los Angeles 19.74 3
Marty Kobza University of Arkansas 19.57 2
John Frazier University of California, Los Angeles 19.45 1
Steve Cate Louisiana Tech University 19.43
Pat Reid University of Tennessee 18.82
Lars Sundin Brigham Young University 19.18
Jim Camp Arizona State University 19.38


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