As with any data collection effort, there were minor errors and omissions in the data collection process. Data were evaluated on a school-by-school basis and every effort was made to ensure that corrections were made. Therefore, because of the high response rate and the low error rate the reported percentages and frequencies can be considered good estimations of the actual race and ethnicity data. Historical data may have some inaccuracies due to changes in numbers for a specific year after the report was published.

Specific questions concerning the statistics included in this report should be directed to the NCAA Research Department or the Public and Media Relations Department at 317/917-6222.


In an effort to increase the accuracy of the data a major change has been made to this edition of the report. For ease of comparison, the race and ethnicity categories used in this report are the same categories historically defined by the federal government and currently used in the NCAA Graduation-Rates Reports. More specifically, there are eight race and ethnicity categories (for example, American Indian/Alaskan Native; Asian; Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; Black, Non-Hispanic; Hispanic/Latino; Two or More Races; Other; and White, Non-Hispanic) and one category for Nonresident Aliens (for example, international student-athletes). For the 1999-00 through 2005-06 data as well as the 2010-11 data, the residency status of student-athletes could fall in any of the race and ethnicity categories (for example, Black, White or Asian). The inclusion of Nonresident Alien among the ethnic categories may have been a point of confusion early in this longitudinal data collection effort for those individuals submitting the data. Therefore, fluctuations in the data for Nonresident Aliens may represent a combination of changes in the actual number of student-athletes in this category, fluctuations in the accuracy of the data the NCAA received from its member institutions, and now a change in the data collection.

For the purposes of this report the following definitions were used for the race and ethnicity and residency status categories: