Submitting Weekly Statistics via XML file.


1)      Log in at

2)      Enter you user name and password.



3)      You will see the Form Options available.








4)      Click on the appropriate link labeled, Wkly Rpt, under the sport you wish to submit.Do not enter the record to date.Your xml file will calculate your W-L record.You MUST ENTER your win streak and unbeaten streak (if applicable).Click the XML Button.





5)      Click the Browse button and a file dialog box will open up.Locate the xml file you just generated and click Submit.



6)      If you do not use NCAA org idís in your software package, you will have to match up teams in your conference.Select the team from the drop down list that matches the team on the left.After teams are matched, click update.























7)      The first time you submit your file, you will more than likely have to match up playerís names from the xml file to the roster submitted to us online.Once you match up the players, you will not have to match them up again unless you change their name in your software package or online through the NCAA site.Match the players and click Update.




















8)      The file will process.Be patient, this process may take up to 3-4 minutes depending on the number of users on line at the time.When the file finishes, you will see the screen below.Click the link on the page.It will take you to your W-L record screen.You will need to enter any Single Game Highs.






















9)Your W-L records now are populated based on the data in your xml file.Click Submit to enter your Single Game Highs.








10)Enter your single game highs by clicking on the appropriate link along the left hand side.Once you are finished, click the ďSubmitĒ button.



















Potential Errors:(The following are errors we have encountered in the past).

If there is a problem figuring out how to fix the problem within your software package, please contact them to help you.


Cause:The software package has a team duplicated in its file.

Fix:Eliminate the duplicated team, regenerate your file, and submit again.
















Cause:An attempt to use NCAA org idís in the file, but the incorrect id was chosen.

Fix:Enter the proper NCAA org id for the school through your software package, regenerate the file, and submit again.



















Cause:Players with the exact same name are entered more than once in the xml file.

Fix:Remove the duplicated players from your software package, regenerate the file, and submit again.



















Cause:The file did not generate properly from your software package.

Fix:Regenerate the file and submit again.




















Tips to make the process a little smoother.


1)      Use NCAA org idís when entering a team.This is beneficial for two reasons:You wonít have to match up the teamís you report for, and when you begin entering your game results, all of the teams will be entered correctly.


2)      Do not change playerís names from week to week.If the playerís name stays the same, you will not have to match that name up after the first week of reporting.


3)      If you use a PC, the minimum browser requirement is 6.0 for Netscape and 5.5 for Internet Explorer.If you use a MAC you MUST USE NETSCAPE 6.0 OR HIGHER.Unfortunately, Internet Explorer for MAC does not work with our system but you can get a free download of Netscape.