Division II Coaching Enhancement Grant [CEG]


Instructions: No more than 18 positions will be funded over a two year period. Selections will be based on an institution’s demonstrated commitment to diversity and history of inclusiveness. Emphasis will be placed on selecting institutions with continued success and those that have demonstrated recent improvement. Institutions who are members of conferences on “conference grant probation” status are ineligible to apply.

Detailed information, including those institutions selected to participate and how the coach positions will be allocated, must be specified in the application. Each position created by the grant must be a new assistant coach position: it cannot be an assistant coach position that was in existence the previous year. Each position must be for a full-time coach; that coach must have a bachelor’s degree.

Each institution is required to commit funding for the positions for the two years of grant funding and for three additional years thereafter.

Preference will be given to those individuals with no previous collegiate coaching experience and to those individuals who are graduates of a Division II institution. Application must be submitted by January 30, 2014.

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Answer the following questions, being as specific as possible.

Please check if your institution is willing to fund the position for a minimum of five years —two years with grant dollars and three years after the grant concludes.

Our institution has a history of inclusiveness and a commitment to diversity. Below are recent examples of institution or conference initiatives related to inclusiveness/diversity.

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