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NCAA Division II Membership Fund Application

Applications must be received in the NCAA National Office not later than September 30, 2015 to be considered by the NCAA Division II Membership Fund Selection Committee in December.

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A. Describe the project/activity that the Division II Membership Fund dollars would support?

State the specific project/activity that the membership fund dollars would support and the goals of the project/activity. A simple statement of need or intent is insufficient.

B. Describe how this project/activity supports one or more the following: (a) member development; (b) member stabilization; and/or (c) member loss prevention.

C. What is the importance of this project/activity to the institution/conference/organization?

Discuss how this project/activity fits into the institution/conference/organization's overall strategic mission and goals. Please note that there is an explicit expectation that the project/activity be tied to and strengthen the institution/conference/organization's strategic plan. In addition, explain how the project/activity will benefit NCAA Division II.

D. What is the plan of work for this project/activity?

Outline the steps of the project/activity, the sequence in which they will occur and indicate the responsible party for each step.

E. Allocation Request/Budget.

Total Request of Dollars from the Division II Membership Fund:

Provide an itemized allocation request showing expenses rounded to the nearest dollar. Be sure to note whether the dollars are considered seed money or matching grant dollars. If matching grant dollars, be sure to include any financial resources/cost sharing that will be spent by your institution/conference/organization (e.g., whether your institution/conference/organization will make a contribution - in cash or in-kind - to support the project/activity that the membership fund dollars would support). If needed, include a brief budget narrative explaining the projected expenses.

F. What are the names and qualifications of all the staff and/or consultants involved with the project/activity?

Provide the name(s) and relevant experience of the participating staff in the project/activity and provide the name(s) and qualifications of the consultant(s) selected for this project/activity, if any.

G. Has your institution/conference/organization received membership fund dollars previously? If so, please provide an explanation of how previous request(s) relate to the current one.

H. If the application is not fully funded, is the institution/conference/organization able to still conduct all or part of the project/activity? Please describe.

I. Describe the process the institution/conference/organization will use to assess and/or measure the effectiveness and achievement of the project/activity.