Welcome to the NCAA Woman of the Year Award Nomination System.
You may want to print the following information to assist you with completion of the nomination form.

  • Each institution must submit its electronic nomination(s) by May 16. Conferences will then access the nominations specific to their conference and will select their nominee(s) via an online voting system. All conference nominees will be forwarded to the Woman of the Year selection committee. The selection committee will choose the top 10 winners in each division. From among those 30 honorees, the selection committee will determine the top three in each division. The NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics will select the Woman of the Year.
  • For the conference drop down menu, please select the conference for the student-athlete's primary sport, unless the institution is an independent member of the NCAA. In that case, please select 'Independent' (for DI and DII) or 'DIII Independents' for DIII.
  • The nomination is not complete until: all sections are completed, including e-mail of an action-shot and head-shot photo to your conference office; the 'Next Page' button on the Institution/Conference Contact Information screen is clicked; and the signatures page is printed, completed and sent to the conference office (or to the national office for Independents).
  • The photos you submit will be for inclusion in, but not limited to, news releases, award presentation, signage and collateral materials. Use will be by NCAA staff and those contracted by the NCAA only.
  • You will need signature verification from the nominee, AD, SWA, and SID.
  • The form to print and obtain the signatures is available *only* after the nomination has been submitted and must be post-marked to your conference office by May 16.
  • You can save work and return later to complete the information. However, hitting 'Next Page' on the Institution/Conference Contact Information screen will close the nomination.
  • After submitting the nomination, you should see the signatures form and receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not, please contact Cindy McKinney at cmckinney@ncaa.org because there was an issue with the submission process.
  • Institutional online nominations close May 16. If you need to add additional accomplishments for the conference office to consider (e.g., final grades; spring sport accomplishments), use the supplemental information form (link will be included in your confirmation email). The voting deadline for conferences is June 20.
  • The information you provide may be used to process your student-athlete's application and to publicize the NCAA Woman of the Year award program.
  • All required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*).
  • If you only have access to a Mac, please use Firefox or Safari instead of Internet Explorer to complete this form.

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