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Awarding Athletics Aid to a Senior Prospective Student-Athlete who will Graduate and Enroll Midyear (I) Archived Interpretation
October 17, 2013
Staff Interpretation
Due to 4/16/14 official interpretation, Item No. 10-a

The academic and membership affairs staff determined that a prospective student-athlete who intends to graduate from high school midyear and enroll at a member institution midyear during the same academic year (e.g., spring semester) may sign an institutional financial aid agreement on or after August 1 of his or her senior year, provided the institution issuing the financial aid agreement establishes, prior to issuing the agreement, that the prospective student-athlete is enrolled in all coursework necessary to graduate from high school at midyear.

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 13.9.2 (letter of intent restriction) and (written offer of aid before signing date); and a staff interpretation (12/15/04, Item No. 1a), which has been archived]

Issued by Staff 10/3/13
Approved by LRIC 10/17/13

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