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Determination of a Scholastic Team (I) April 16, 2014
Official Interpretation

The Legislative Council determined that a team comprised of prospective student-athletes that is formally affiliated with a specific secondary institution and includes only students who are enrolled full time at the specific secondary institution with which the team is formally affiliated is considered a scholastic team. A team that does not meet the abovementioned criteria may be considered scholastic only if the team is organized or administered under the auspices of a scholastic governing body and is eligible for events that are conducted by the governing body, including championship events.

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (basketball evaluations), (men's basketball), (women's basketball), (coaches' attendance at basketball events), (scholastic and nonscholastic activities -- bowl subdivision football), (nonscholastic practice or competition – men's basketball), (nonscholastic practice or competition – women’s basketball), (nonscholastic practice or competition -- bowl subdivision football) and an official interpretation (9/20/12, Item No. 1) which has been archived]

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